Imagine all of the beautiful mountain scenes of Montana. Well that is what we are doing in Whitefish this week, IMAGINING! It is heavy rain season and the shut ins are growing restless. It is not uncommon. The winter breaks and everyone anticipates sun and fun and all the activities that occupy us after Whitefish Mountain resort closed for the season. WE begin to look forward to summer, but forget the reality of spring. The Tamaracks have begun bursting bright green, The lilac buds have begun to open and it feels like it has been raining for seventeen days straight. There have been a few nice days enticing a visit to Glacier Park or even a day working in the yard is a treat after the snow is gone. Mostly though, it is grey and wet. This year a hike up the mountain is still available with fresh snow in the forecast and it won’t rain forever. Soon though it will be time to just live wet and play wet. Mountain biking in the mud. Camping under a tarp. A roaring bonfire on a moonless evening. It is just time to go outside and have fun! Wet soggy spring fun! Your dog will thank you for it.