You May have noticed that the website shows almost everything out of stock today. Actually in the store we still have almost everything, but it is going fast. Stumptown has kicked off our annual Gambler sale today at our downtown Whitefish location. What is the sale about? It is a sales event that we do each year to eliminate prior seasons inventory at the store. The discounts start deep and grow by the day throughout the weekend. Friday’s discount is 45%. Saturday’s discount is 50%. Sunday’s discount is 55%. Monday’s discount is 60%. That’s right anything that is left will be 60% off on Monday which is the final day of the sale. With the discount growing progressively each day, the gamble lies in waiting for the better deal tomorrow while risking the deal today. Keep in mind everyone else is doing the same thing and once your goodies are gone they are gone. This sale includes pretty much everything left from prior years. Goggles, Gloves, Helmets, Boots, Bindings, Outerwear, and of course Snowboards. So stop in today and get a great deal or wait and hope for better tomorrow. Keep in mind that product is limited, don’t let your greedy side keep you from buying the best deals of the season!