Montana is having a special election to decide who will fill the congressional seat left vacant as Ryan Zinke moved on to the department of the interior. I strive to keep this blog away from political conflict or intrigue. I will not broach the candidates, what they say or what is said about them. I will, however, say that regardless of how you feel about either or both candidates, You need to vote! Our political system provides you with a right to help determine your leadership and the direction they will lead your world. At times these sentiments may sound trite or your choices may be distasteful. This is when it is most important! Use your vote as a protest if you feel it best, but if you do not vote, no candidate or party will try to appeal to you in the future. The parties will become more narrowly defined the views more polarized. Thoughtfulness and nuance will continue to evaporat. Democracy is ruled by those who show up. If you have become so jaded as to not even bother, then you will forever be governed by the very people and forces which nurtured that apathy within you. Whoever you are, whatever your view get off your ass, let your voice be heard, Vote!