It is hard to believe that summer solstice is already upon us. It seems like just yesterday we were hanging at the Bierstube after a day of shredding. The skies already dark and evening upon us. Compare that with yesterday afternoon. I took the kids golfing, the dog walking, played a little Star Wars Battlefront (no we don’t have the new one yet), dinner, drinks then back outside to take advantage of the daylight to water the flowers and hang in the yard. I know it was a pretty mellow day, but it seemed to go on and on. It is so nice to have time after work to play or socialize in the sunshine. I did head to the mountains recently with my bike and encountered snow, it is still to be found, though I am probably not snowboarding until Going to the Sun road is open. Don’t get me wrong, I sure miss my board. It’s just that there are so many options right now that I am not having any trouble distracting myself. Seize the day, live in the moment, be present. However you look at it have a great long day this solstice.